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The Impact of an Ordinary, Biblical Church

An Ordinary Church with an Extraordinary Impact...Read More

Lessons on Prayer from Colossians 1

"When Paul tells the Colossians that he has 'not stopped praying for them,' he implies that there are some things for which we must pray again and again. Prayer is God's appointed means for appropriating the blessings that are ours in Christ Jesus." -D.A.Carson...Read More

When Scared Men Try to Use Religion

William G. Blaikie explains Saul's increase in religiosity as an attempt to avoid true repentance....Read More

Refreshment from Jesus

"The foundation of our stability in faith and profession of the gospel, in times of trial and suffering, is a constant looking unto Christ, with expectation of aid and assistance... From Him alone do we derive our refreshments in all our trials." -John Owen...Read More